Mastering HR Interviewing, Selection Skills, and Performance Management

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Elevate your HR Skills with this intensive webinar! Learn essential interviewing and selection skills along with performance management strategies. Perfect for managers, team leaders, and supervisors looking to enhance their HR expertise.

Webinar Duration: 3 hours

Who should attend: Managers, team leaders, supervisors, and HR professionals responsible for conducting interviews, performance appraisals, and managing employee performance.

Agenda: HR Interviewing and Selection Skills

1. Skills of Interviewing – an Introduction - Understanding the fundamentals of effective interviewing - Importance of preparation, practice, and performance in conducting interviews

2. Structuring an Interview - Guidelines for creating a structured interview format - Ensuring consistency and fairness in the interview process

3. Interpersonal Communication Skills - Mastering questioning techniques - Art of active listening and reading body language - Conveying positive non-verbal messages during interviews

4. Information Gathering and Sample Questions - Crafting effective interview questions to gather relevant information - Sample questions for different stages of the interview process

5. Types of Candidates and How to Deal with Them - Strategies for handling various types of candidates - Tips for managing difficult or challenging interview situations

6. Tips on Conducting Panel and Telephonic Interviews - Best practices for conducting panel interviews - Guidelines for conducting effective telephonic interviews

7. Closing Interviews - Importance of providing closure to candidates - Closing interview sessions professionally and positively

Performance Management

1. Performance Management and Performance Appraisal – An Introduction - Understanding the importance of performance management and appraisal - Roles of organization, supervisors, and employees in performance management

2. Performance Management Goals - Defining goals and objectives of performance management - Setting clear expectations for employees' performance

3. HR’s Role in Performance Management - Responsibilities of HR professionals in performance management - Supporting managers and employees throughout the process

4. Performance Management Process - Prerequisites for effective performance management - Performance planning: Setting SMART goals - Performance execution and assessment - Performance appraisal methods and challenges

5. Performance Management Skills - Effective communication, coaching, and feedback - Developing empathy in performance management - Fostering teamwork for improved performance

6. Interview Techniques and Role Play) - Practicing interview techniques through role-playing exercises - Enhancing skills in providing constructive feedback and coaching

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