Mastering Management Skills: Empowering Secretaries and Administrative Staff Assistants

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Unleash the potential of secretaries and administrative staff assistants with our comprehensive webinar on developing essential management skills. Learn strategies for taking more responsibility, setting goals, conflict management, and much more.

Webinar Overview:

Duration: 3 Hours

Who Should Attend: Secretaries, Administrative Staff Assistants, Office Managers, Team Leaders, and anyone seeking to enhance their management skills in the workplace.

Content Outline: 1. Taking More Responsibility: - Developing a short- and long-term strategy with your manager - Setting attainable goals - Turning setbacks into opportunities for growth

2. Organizational Skills: - Transitioning from disorganization to organization - Staying ahead of tasks to avoid stress

3. Advancing Your Role: - Progressing forward in your career - Winning support and respect without formal authority

4. Negotiation and Conflict Management: - Achieving win-win outcomes - Defusing tense situations and improving relationships

5. Flexibility and Adaptability: - Understanding the importance of flexibility in the modern workplace - Embracing change and adapting to new roles

6. Office Politics: - Assessing your position within the office political structure - Strategies for navigating and thriving in office dynamics

7. Time Management: - Preventive steps for managing daily tasks and special projects effectively

8. Career Development: - Assessing your promotability and long-term career path - Planning for continuous self-training and professional development

9. Communication Skills: - Building a powerful communication network within your organization - Prioritizing tasks amidst numerous demands

10. Effective Meeting Participation: - Moving beyond observation to active participation in meetings - Techniques for contributing effectively and maximizing meeting outcomes

11. Decision Making: - Knowing when to bring decisions to your boss and when to handle them independently

12. Continuing Education: - Devising a plan for ongoing self-training to increase your value in the workplace This webinar aims to equip attendees with practical skills and strategies to excel in their roles as secretaries and administrative staff assistants, empowering them to contribute more effectively to their organizations' success.

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