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Corporate  and Executive Training Programs / Workshops / Seminars 2019

Asktenali Institute Of Management

A well-skilled workforce equals corporate success.  Along with saving your company valuable time and money, you'll provide your employees with the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to lead improvement initiatives that result in measurable sales growth, economic value,  customer satisfaction and retention, and employee satisfaction and motivation. More.

These skills will help strengthen your bottom line and create a streamlined work environment.

Asktenali offers training solutions for corporate organizations.

The HR Training Division has expertise in all spheres and is providing HR Training solutions to a number of global and Indian organizations especially on soft skills and development of leadership qualities. Learn courses Empower, upgrade and upskill yourself and your organization.

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Developing Management Skills

For Secretaries, Administrative Staff, Executives and Assistants

HR Interviewing Selection Skills & Appraisal Management

Business Writing Skills

Personality Development and Corporate Etiquette

Exceptional Customer Service


Time and Task Management

Motivational Speaker Swaminathan Sankaran






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